Nusantara Sustainable Resources Initiative or called Nusantara Initiative (NI) is an independent, a non-government organization (NGO), based on research and network of organizations promoting sustainable energy to protect the environment and benefit from a more sustainable future through carbon reduction, resource efficiency strategies and commercialising low carbon technologies.

The goal is to encourage the renewal and improvement of basic and perform the transformation initiated by the management of natural resources for the realization of  society that is more prosperous, equitable and prosperous sustainable.

NI has three goals:
1. To raise awareness and provide advocacy
2. To support research and development
3. To share best practices to implementation and capacity building

Our work area:
– Renewable Energy
– Climate Change
– Maritime
– Natural Resources

Our Expert:

Suwardi Purboyo
Maritime expert and Chairman/CEO

Soni Fahruri
Renewable energy coordinator
, soni.fahruri@gmail.com

Rachmat Hidayansyah
Environment Expert

Ajen Kurniawan
Waste Management Expert

Nguyễn Quang Khải
Waste Water Treatment Expert

Saythong Insarn

Laode Hermansyah
Environmental Expert

Susilo Raharjo
Energy Policy Expert

Muchsin Budiono
Capacity Building Expert

Our Office:

Head Office:
Komplek Bulog A-18, Jl. Haji Ten, Jakarta, Indonesia 13210

Branch Offices:
1. Römerstrasse 235, Auerberg, Bonn – Germany (Mr. Hendra)
2. 8 Bis Pham Ngoc Thach street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam (Mr. Khai).

Contact Us:
T: +6281290291005

Please find out of Nusantara Initiative at:

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